images6J40SSGFJesus? He is all we need!

“Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins so that you will not receive any of her plagues.”

(Revelation 18:4).

“No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is Himself God and is in closest relationship with the Father, has made Him known.”

(John 1:18).


   Very often we think about Jesus from the point of religious view. Very often we see Him just as a smart man or teacher; very often many of us have made our own different opinions about Him. Very often we use His name exclaiming – “O, Jesus!” and even suspect not that are blaspheming. Satan has dragged us in his snares so deep, that we trundle sin upon our own heads.


Here you will read about Jesus strictly Biblically. Bible is the very Word of God and that is the only source where in spite of all modern world’s view is found the truth which was, are and will be the only reliable source forever and ever; till the Jesus second coming. (Matthew 24:30; Mark 13:26; Luke 21:27; John 19:37; 1 Thessalonians 4:16; Revelation 1:7).


If we go all the way back to the beginning, to the garden of Eden, then we read that after the fall of humanity God promised to send the One (Jesus) who will make good everything that Adam spoiled (Genesis 3:15); and Adam (first created human being) believed Him.


Later God spoke through many prophets and said He will send promised Messiah who will save the world.

According to the Scripture, Christ is the Messiah. The Saviour of the world.


Word Messiah comes from the Hebrew word Mashiach and translated means “anointed one” which means God has set apart or ordained that person for some particular reason or purpose; or simple God’s “chosen one,” that is - the Messiah. In the Greek language, it is similar to the word Christos which translated into English is Christ. (Micah 5:1-2; Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 53:1-10; Psalm 16:10). An old Hebrew word for Jesus is Yahusha, although the truth is also that no one really knows how to pronounce His name correctly. Jesus Christ correctly should be - Yahusha Messiah.


About the coming of Jesus God spoke through many prophets. God revealed through them about the One whom He will send in the order, to redeem humanity from the power of Satan and set free from the yoke, power of sin over them. In the book of Isaiah God told that He will give a sign –

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a Son and will call Him Immanuel. (Isaiah 7:14).


Immanuel simply means “God is with us, or in us.”

Isaiah, inspired by the Spirit of the Lord, predicted His coming approximately 700 years before He was born. In chapter 53 we can read about Jesus coming and His death according to God’s plan from the same beginning


“He grew up before him like a tender shoot… He was despised and rejected by men…, He bore the sin of many… (chapter 53).


In this chapter Isaiah is telling clearly in incredible detail every aspect of Jesus' life on earth, and also His death. In this chapter he did start with words – “Who has believed our message…?” (Isaiah 53:10), - which is absolutely true till this very day – many believe not, and suffer.


About Jesus in the OT prophecies you can read also - Isaiah 9:6-7,40:3-5; Isaiah 50:6; 2 Samuel 7:12-13; Daniel 2:44, Hosea 11:1; Psalm 2:6-7,45:6-7; Psalm 110:4,16:10; Zechariah 11:12-13,12:10 and in many more other places. Actually, the whole Bible is only about Jesus. From the start to the very beginning.   


So, as we know, God is faithful, and every His Word is flawless (Proverbs 30:5), absolutely plausible and trustworthy. (2 Peter 1:20-21). So, according to His Word approximately 2000 years ago Jesus did born of a virgin and grew in a small town. When His time did come He began His ministry here on earth.


Jesus is God's plan from the beginning how to save humanity from eternal punishment for sin which did come into the world through Adam. “Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man (Adam), and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men because all sinned…, than “…how much more did God's grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many” (Romans 5:12,15).


Jesus, the Son of God, come on earth which He Himself is keeping on His palm, to His own what He created. “…though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him. He came to that which was His own, but His own did not receive Him.”

(John 1:10-11).


God took upon Himself the very nature of sinful human beings… “being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to death-- even death on a cross!” (Philippians 2:8).

Jesus died for the sin of the world and particularly for you and me. He Himself gave up His life for many.

“No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again” (John 10:18). He gave up His life may you can have life and have it to full. (John 10:10).


And although many are perishing by rejecting Jesus as own personal Saviour, those who “received Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God-- children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband's will, but born of God.” (John 1:12).


Without Jesus, there is and will be only destruction and eternal punishment. Without Jesus, we already are doomed to perish in our sins.


See, we all need Jesus. Jesus, the Son of Almighty God; God Himself lived on earth, loved and was loved by many.

(Luke 1:32; John 1:140.


He did teach the doctrines which all of us have accepted and live today by them.

(Matthew 4:23; John 13:34 etc.). 


He healed and forgave people’s sins.

(Matthew 9:6; Matthew 9:35; Psalm 103:3).


He was tempted in the same way as we are, yet without sin.

(Hebrews 4:15).


He performed miracles and did feed the hungry.

(John 20:30; Matthew 14:21).

He did teach His disciples and commanded them “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.

(Mark 16:15; Matthew 28:19).


He was not in any religion, but He said – “Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

(Matthew 15:14).


He established Last Supper may we remember Him always.

(Matthew 26:17:30).


He prayed for all of us (John 17) because He loves all of us and wants may all of us do come to Him to receive forgiveness and eternal life.


Finally, Jesus was betrayed by that time religious leaders and crucified (according to the will of God). God through them fulfilled His plan. After three days Jesus rose from dead (1 Corinthians 15:4; Matthew 16:21; Luke 9:22) and now He is seated next to the right hand of God; He intercedes for us and calls to each and every one of us – come to me… (Matthew 11:28).


“I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I Am alive forever and ever!

And I hold the keys of death and Hades” (Revelation 1:18).


All of us are sinners and have earned the fire of hell. Absolutely matters not how many good works we perform; how good, sincere, loving, and kind we are towards each other; it matters not how many times we have helped out to those who are in need. Matters not how good we seem to be in our own eyes. Without Jesus relying only on our own strength and good works, God is looking at us as sinners.

 But“If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8) because “there is no one righteous, not even one.” (Romans 3:10).


Only Jesus can set you free from sin and condemnation.

(1 John 2:2).


Only Jesus can save your life from eternal suffering apart from Him.

(Ephesians 2:3).


Only Jesus has all the authority in heaven and earth.

(Matthew 28:18).


Only to Him, the only one living God we have to pray and ask for forgiveness.

(Matthew 9:1-8; Luke 5:20).


Only Jesus can help you to get rid of the guilt that is on your soul and give you freedom from countless life's oppressions.

Believe in Jesus, receive Him and you will be saved from the coming wrath of God.

(Romans 5:8).


Only in Jesus do we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.


“For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been

created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together.” (Colossians 1:16:17).


Accept Him and see that God is good.

(Psalm 34:8).