The Truth Of God. 





God is not describable, not tellable. God is not and can’t be variable and for each person different. God is not feelings. God is not the ideas what people make about Him. The Truth about Him is found in the Bible. Only.


Many cults and sekts, each from its own point have made stories and not one of them has grasp the God nor there is truth in those stories.


As I already mention, God is not describable. How can we describe the ONE who made all we see. The seasons, water, stars…. Whole world in its beauty is going its own way not transgeressing the commands of God.


Not so with man. Man turned away from Him and constantly is trying to present GOD from the humanly point. But how can a man, so limited, can explain and understand God?


But the Truth which God Himself has revealed to us is vital. Without knowing it or living believing in something else or different from that, what God Himself is revealed, it can be said, is even life-threatening.


For this reason seek the Truth.


God is in you and that is the part of Truth. In you has the genes of God. You are created in His image and likeness.


2000 years ago God was hanging on the Romans cross. God did everything to get closer to you; now is your turn to get closer to Him, to return to Him. Now it is up to you what you will decide. Decide to seek Him and begin life long relationship with Him and do not deny Him anymore. For that hurts Him. 


God is in you and can speak through you if you will let. 


So, close your eyes and in your inmost being ask the Holy Spirit of God to come and to open the eyes of your heart so that you are able to perceive Him and understand.


There is no greater power in the world than the power of subconscious and the power of mind when governed by God and His advices. We, humans, are so limited,  that often, our EGO is so profound that even in the most lustrous light for us everything seems dark, useless, hopeless; we are desperate, distressed, depressed…So we live some how. Also the greatest enemy of all of us, the Satan is the one who leads not only individuals but whole nations along the paths of destruction.


For us, human beings, who are created after the likeness and in the image of God, carrying His genes, for us there are a great duty – to seek Him, to find Him and walk with Him by upholding close relationship with Him.


God is saying: .. “you will seek Me. And you will find Me, when you will seek Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13.


Seek Him and when you will find Him, you will live.