Bez nosaukuma 13 Welcome 

 Rejoicing with a thankful heart that God has brought you to this website, I pray for you that God will enlighten the eyes of your heart so that you will see the truth about Him; to see Him, and to hear what He wants to say to you. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


This website came about because God did put a great revelation in my heart about how much people suffer in this world without knowing the truth about Him.


As well as so many people believe in religious laws invented by ordinary people at a time when God is saying, "leave them."


They push, destroy people with intolerable religious demands, and never lift a finger to lighten their burden. (Matt. 23: 4: 6).

They shut the door of the Kingdom of Heaven in people’s faces. They won’t go in themselves, and they don’t let others enter either..  (Matt. 23:13).


Those who do not yet know God live under so many and varied, unbearable burdens, that they are often even ready to take their own lives. The world hurts living in the dark ignorance of tomorrow. 

In any case, - a religious churchgoer or one who knows nothing about God; or maybe do not want to know Him, - both suffer because there is no close, intimate relationship with Him.


 Therefore, I want to say to you that PEACE can be gained by knowing and understanding the TRUTH that God Himself has revealed.


The most important thing is that everyone needs to have a relationship with Him. Apart from religion and the whole world, man needs what God has to offer. Love, forgiveness, peace ... From the moment a person accepts His truth, God comes, and working in man changes both man's own life and his heart. Everyone has their own path to go and God has a plan for each person.

 But it must be understood from the beginning that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, had come to save us all from our sins. 

If you want to know more about who God is and what He has revealed in His letter to us, read the articles I have written according to what questions people asked the most.

I know that many people know God and what He has done for them.  Yet many are thinking that there is still enough time to settle things with God. Many people ignoring God's warnings put themselves in danger be separated from Him for eternity. No one knows the hour of their last day, last breath


Further, Speaking about the page "rest in the Truth," all of us must understand it is only God who saves us. Only God can forgive our sins.

So, here is the article where I put together just some Words, which God has said Himself -  Christ did not die for the religious and self-righteous people.

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