Thank you for visiting my site and I ask our heavenly Father may His Spirit lead you and may He touch your heart so that it may be enlightened with His wisdom. May you are blessed and enriched after closing this site pages. In Jesus name and so it be!

Many of you may ask: why “Rest In The Truth” and what that could mean?

In the “Book of Life, “ which is called the Bible is written: “…than you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32). HM -When and how?


In short – then - by following life’s principles and advices given by the ONE who is in charge over everything; over whole world, and not the religious or mere human made rules and principles. Only God Himself ,who established this world and made rules, knows what is best for each of us. He did set up order for everything and if or when His order is changed or not followed, our peace, joy and everything what is good, becomes damaged; and we, humans, suffer. 

But directly would like to say that whole world’s enemy, through whom evil come and continue to be in the world, has done the job so excelently that the most of people hearing the word “Bible” or “God” dirrectly imagine it as something religious and not applicable in the one’s life. Although in reality in the Bible is written that the Words of it are life and healing to those who find and understand it.

So, for this reason I am writing what I study and understand. Apart from religion as such and apart from all what wordly wisdom (family, school, job etc.) has thought me. In accordance with wordly and religious teachings I have had made many mistakes in my life. Much of pain, bitterness and suffering there has been. For this reason I write and want may all people know that God is not in the religion and He is true LOVE and in Him we all may have real, permanent peace.


Love, peace, joy and other blessings after which peaople are so greatly yearning, is found if and when we find the Truth.

Religion is holding people in countless constraints, prejudices etc, but the Almighty Creator of the world and you says: "Come to ME, all of you who are weary and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).

So, I hope you will enjoy reading and I pray may you perceive clearly that Jesus is yours the only religion what you need.

I pray may none of the words you read fall on the ground and may you are blessed richly!!!

And know for sure that there is no another name under heaven given by which you can have Salvation which means – safety for your soul, mind and spirit; resque and peace. That is the name of Jesus.

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