Revelations 13:13 - "And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,"

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rose red flower 237749Father’s role in his daughter’s life.


     The father’s role given to you as a great gift from God; that how you will fulfil it, will be what will determine your daughter’s choices throughout her life. Between the father and daughter always is a special bound which never break and for daughter is so important.


     In order for your daughter to grow up as emotionally stable, intelligent woman; with a healthy attitude towards herself and thinking; with a high sense of self-worth – love your wife and respect her may your daughter by seeing that, learn to be loved and respected too. Love your daughter may she grow strong and courageous. When she is grown up, may she knows her value and do not allow weak men to humiliate, cheat and trample on her. Be your daughter's hero! Only FATHER can teach the women to respect herself. Your daughter will choose a man in her life pretty close as you are.


Tell her from her small age how much you love her. Be involved in all aspects of her life; play the ball and all the other things according to her age. Make and save the memories. Let her know that even she makes a mistake, you will love her in spite of all no matter what. You are the model what husband she will choose. For that reason love your daughter and be not only her hero but also her first love! Love her so that later she will say to you:


“daddy, you learned me the love. In your arms I always felt safe. You learned me that what is inside me is more important than that what is outside. You loved me to love others. I am so grateful to you. Love you, my dear daddy!”


Father, it is your job to show and teach your daughter to respect herself and how men must act towards her. If happen you hurt her, ask to forgive you and always tell you love her. Trust her and believe in her. Be always available when she needs you! For as somewhere is said:


“behind every excellent, strong, smart women are standing really amazing dad.”


I pray for you father, - may you have enough wisdom to bring up your daughter so that one day will comes the moment when she says the words which English actress and writer Dawn French said about her father:


  "It was my father who taught me to respect, to value myself. He told me that I was uncommonly beautiful and that I was the most precious thing in his life. "


Father has the power to put in her daughter a sense of security, that she is beautiful and smart. The fact that she does not need to compete with anyone. The fact that she is uniquely, perfectly and wonderfully made.


Also between mother and daughter relationships in which sometimes creep in coldness and isolations, misunderstanding and bitterness, it is the father who is able to help her daughter to see the true value of herself and that she does not need to compete with no one. It is father who is able to help his daughter learn to forgive, do not keep bitterness and angryness. 


Love your daughter. Be strong pillar and support. Be a mentor.

May God bless you with all the wisdom you need today and always!!! Amen.